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Riddim & Riddles

Riddim & Riddles throbs with the heartbeat and drum beat of Jamaica. From the cool, majestic Blue Mountains to the hot, bloodied streets of Kingston the collection paints vivid and vibrant images. The poems in this collection move from urgent social insights about masculinity, the...

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Pocomania And London Calling

Pocomania and London Calling are two plays from one of Jamaica’s most important feminists and dramatists. Pocomania is among the most important Caribbean plays ever written, having been credited with representing “the birth of Jamaican national drama” and being one of the first Caribbean...

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In This Breadfruit Kingdom

In this Breadfruit Kingdom features over 60 poems selected by Mervyn Morris, Poet Laureate of Jamaica. This anthology bears poems rooted in reflections on history, family, love, lust, memory and identity. They move with ease across diverse rhythms, voice, attitude and language. Here, new...

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A Million Aunties

Seeking solitude after a personal tragedy upends his world, American-born artist Chris travels to his mother’s homeland, Jamaica, in a bid to find peace. He expects to spend his time painting in solitude, coming to terms with his loss and the fractured relationship with...

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