Blue Banyan Books


Irie Morning

Waking up can be hard to do! The alluring sounds of birds, cows and dogs are trying to draw him from beneath the covers, but Kingston just wants to stay in bed. Will he give in to sleep, or wake up to a great...

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My Caribbean Colouring Book

Dive into the wonderful world of Caribbean animals with My Caribbean Colouring Book. Whether you love owls or ibises, iguanas or starfish My Caribbean Colouring Book presents animal friends from in the air and deep beneath the sea. It’s a great way to learn...

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Bolo The Monkey

Written in a captivating rhythm with vivid, vibrant images, Bolo the Monkey is the story of a young, daring little monkey who dreams of making a difference in the world. Bolo leaves the forest and goes out into the world to learn new things and...

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B Is For Breadfruit

Never mind ‘A is for apple’ here in Jamaica ‘A’ is definitely for ‘ackee’ and of course, ‘R’ must be for reggae, because this alphabet has a sweet beat! B is a Breadfruit is a collection of 26 brightly coloured, beautifully illustrated alphabet flashcards. Hummingbirds,...

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A Pig In A Parachute

Playtime is adventure time with A Pig in a Parachute. The story brings quirky, colourful, and furry animals like silver snakes and lavender lions, twirling, flying and careening from the pages. Kids learn new words while exploring dreams and being imaginative in their approach...

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