Blue Banyan Books


Riddim & Riddles

Riddim & Riddles throbs with the heartbeat and drum beat of Jamaica. From the cool, majestic Blue Mountains to the hot, bloodied streets of Kingston the collection paints vivid and vibrant images. The poems in this collection move from urgent social insights about masculinity, the...

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In This Breadfruit Kingdom

In this Breadfruit Kingdom features over 60 poems selected by Mervyn Morris, Poet Laureate of Jamaica. This anthology bears poems rooted in reflections on history, family, love, lust, memory and identity. They move with ease across diverse rhythms, voice, attitude and language. Here, new...

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Eleven / Nine

11/9 lives on the sharp (and often bloody) intersection of Third World violence and First World politics. This insightful poetry collection gives extensive treatment to the issues coalescing around the fall of the Twin Towers. It explores the numerous tragedies that have occurred on...

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