Blue Banyan Books

B Is For Breadfruit

Never mind ‘A is for apple’ here in Jamaica ‘A’ is definitely for ‘ackee’ and of course, ‘R’ must be for reggae, because this alphabet has a sweet beat!

B is a Breadfruit is a collection of 26 brightly coloured, beautifully illustrated alphabet flashcards. Hummingbirds, lizards, manatees and yes the hearty and delicious breadfruit come alive on each card.

These charming cards make learning the alphabet easy and fun. They are large-print, easy to read and perfectly sized for tiny hands.

Illustrator: Staysean Daley
Publisher: Blue Banyan Books
Price: $5.99 – Buy Now
Ages: 3+, Baby & Toddler
ISBN: 9789768267122