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Charlie The Crocodile And Other Ridiculous Rhymes

Take a safari down the Black River, where Charlie the Crocodile lays fast asleep. Then take a bite of tasty foods and sweet Jamaican treats. Or better yet, take a trip to the moon where the cows have impeccable table manners. Featuring seven hilarious poems, Charlie the Crocodile and Other Ridiculous Rhymes invites you to get to know Jamaica. These witty poems that are sure to delight the young ones and have them giggling along.

Written by Theresa C Givans and illustrated by Keddan Savage this is a feast of food, family, culture and poetry for young minds. Charlie the Crocodile is a Peenie Wallie board book.

Author: Theresa C. Givans
Illustrator: Keddan Savage
Publisher: Peenie Wallie Books
Price: $8.99 – Buy Now
Page Count: 14
Published: November 2019
Ages: 3+, 5+, Baby & Toddler
ISBN: 978-976-8267-21-4
Format: Board book