Blue Banyan Books

Children Of The Spider

Mayali is a girl on the run. Driven by desperation and the search for her father, Mayali leaves behind everything she has ever known on her home world of Zolpash, a land os sulphur and harsh weather, and journeys to Guyana. There she meets Joseph, a boy without the gift of speech but with much to say. Together they take a daring, cross-country journey to save earth from the invading Spider gods and their armies.

Will they be too late? Will anyone even believe them? And will Mayali be able to find her father.

Children of the Spider is a fast-paced, page-turning adventure. This gripping story of survival and determination takes its two Amerindian protagonists from the lush hinterlands of Guyana through to the bustling city of Georgetown where the colonial past continues to rub shoulders with the gritty, crime-riddled city. It weaves a story of intrigue as technology collides with figures from folklore in a dystopian re-imagining of the contemporary Caribbean. Children of the Spider brings a rich, vibrant and fresh take of one of the world’s oldest myths from an interesting new voice.

Author: Imam Baksh
Publisher: Blouse & Skirt Books
Price: $12.95 – Buy Now
Published: July 2016
Ages: 13+, 14+, Adult
ISBN: 978-976-8267-01-6