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Eleven / Nine

11/9 lives on the sharp (and often bloody) intersection of Third World violence and First World politics. This insightful poetry collection gives extensive treatment to the issues coalescing around the fall of the Twin Towers. It explores the numerous tragedies that have occurred on other “11/9s” but have not been accorded the same historical significance.

The collection engages with race capitalism, migration, terrorism, the media and politics giving primacy to the commonality among human beings on different sides of the 2001 tragedy, often thrown into opposition by circumstances. “11/9” is protest mixed with empathy, stridency balanced with humour, a poetic treatment of history fused with metaphors and, ultimately an exploration of the humanity behind the headlines from a distinctly Third World perspective.

Author: Mel Cooke
Publisher: Blouse & Skirt Books
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Published: September 2008
Ages: 14+, Adult
ISBN: 978-976-610-817-5