Blue Banyan Books

Pumpkin Belly & Other Stories

Pumpkin Belly & Other Stories is a collection of myth and magic and plain commonsense – which might be a lot rarer than you think. It’s packed with five fun tales crafted from Jamaican mythology. Beautifully illustrated by hand, the collection features enigmatic heroes who use wit and guile to face-off with mythological creatures.

These stories are packed with adventure. They take the reader on exhilarating journeys, whether into the belly of a pumpkin or to the bottom of a river. These stories will thrill and ignite the imagination!

Author: Tanya Batson Savage
Illustrator: Staysean Daley
Publisher: Blue Banyan Books
Price: $7.99 – Buy Now
Published: September 2015
Ages: 7+, 9+
ISBN: 978-976-95436-7-6