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Riddim & Riddles

Riddim & Riddles throbs with the heartbeat and drum beat of Jamaica. From the cool, majestic Blue Mountains to the hot, bloodied streets of Kingston the collection paints vivid and vibrant images.

The poems in this collection move from urgent social insights about masculinity, the environment and how the bony fingers of history reach into the present and sweep through to the intensely personal and erotic. They mark Owen Blakka Ellis as a clear inheritor of dub, poetry and music, but with a distinctive voice of his own. Herein breathe the rhythms and the riddles of life … and maybe even some revelations.

Riddim & Riddles is the first full collection of poems by Owen Blakka Ellis. This collection of 36 poems is a sterling example of contemporary Jamaican poetry.

Author: Owen Blakka Ellis
Publisher: Blouse & Skirt Books
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Published: November 2015
Ages: 14+, Adult
ISBN: 978-976-95436-5-2