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The Dark Of The Sea

Obsessed with girls, devoid of muscles and faced with hostile teachers and a reading disability, 15-year-old Danesh has been struggling to survive life in the lower bowels of the Essequibo high school system. In a community wracked by alcoholism, suicide and corruption, he sees...

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My Fishy Stepmom

Josephine Cadogan loooves cricket! The game, her dad and her best friend Ahkai are the only things that make living in the very, very, veeery boring village of Fairy Vale, Barbados, manageable. She really wants to play for the school team, but Coach Broomes...

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Children Of The Spider

Mayali is a girl on the run. Driven by desperation and the search for her father, Mayali leaves behind everything she has ever known on her home world of Zolpash, a land os sulphur and harsh weather, and journeys to Guyana. There she meets...

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