Florenz Webbe Maxwell’s critically acclaimed debut novel, Girlcott, is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of its highly anticipated audiobook edition. Girlcott, takes readers on a poignant journey through the racial tensions of 1959 Bermuda, exploring themes of resistance, hope, and the struggle for change. The historical Caribbean novel resonates well with the current conversations about racial and social justice as well as female empowerment.

Narrated by a talented Bermudian voice actor, Tsilala Brock who authentically captures the Bermudian accent, the Girlcott audiobook brings to life the vivid characters and powerful narrative crafted by Maxwell. Listeners will be transported to the heart of Desma Johnson’s world, a young black girl on the brink of her sixteenth birthday and the recipient of a prestigious scholarship. However, Desma’s dreams are challenged by the racial turmoil engulfing her island home, forcing her to confront the harsh realities of prejudice and discrimination.

With its engaging storytelling and thought-provoking themes, the young adult novel easily resonates with contemporary audiences, shedding light on historical events while offering a timeless message of resilience and empowerment. Maxwell’s skillful blend of Caribbean history and compelling storytelling has earned Girlcott the prestigious Burt Award for Caribbean Literature in 2016, solidifying its place as a must-read for literature enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, since its release, Girlcott was named among the ‘Must-Read’ Caribbean books by the Schools Library Journal in 2018, Oprah magazine in 2020 and Yahoo Sports in 2023. Girlcott was also longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award (2019).

Author Florenz Webbe Maxwell is astounded by the response to the Caribbean novel, especially in Bermuda. “This awesome response has humbled my vocabulary to sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to Girlcott’s success,” she said even as she remarked on her own excitement for the arrival of this new version.

Ms. Brock described working on the project as a very rewarding experience, in no little part because it allowed her to work closely with Mrs. Webbe Maxwell. “Mrs. Maxwell is well known in my life as a Bermudian legend,” she said. “Her work in the Progressive Group and as a librarian impacted generations of Bermudians. I’m grateful to be voicing her novel. Additionally, working on Girlcott connected me to my home whilst living abroad. A real treat!”

Girlcott captures an important part of Caribbean and global history. The audiobook’s release promises to bring this remarkable tale to an even broader audience, allowing listeners to experience the transformative power of Maxwell’s words in a new and immersive format.

Girlcott is available for purchase and download on major audiobook platforms Audible, iTunes and Amazon. The book is also remains available in print, as well as an eBook.