Blue Banyan Books

Irie Morning

Waking up can be hard to do! The alluring sounds of birds, cows and dogs are trying to draw him from beneath the covers, but Kingston just wants to stay in bed. Will he give in to sleep, or wake up to a great adventure?

Irie Morning features a delightful poem complimented by engaging watercolour illustrations. It is the first book in a series about an irie 8 year-old boy named Kingston, living on the cliffs of Negril with his family.

The book is filled to bursting with the cool vibrations of a Jamaican childhood – the sights, the sounds the smells: from the crow of a rooster in the morning to the mouthwatering smells of sweet sugar dumplings rising from the kitchen.

The story embodies the word ‘irie’, meaning to be happy, joyous. Every body deserves at least one irie morning.

Author: Alison Moss-Solomon
Illustrator: Adom Burke
Publisher: Blue Banyan Books
Price: $4.99 – Buy Now
Ages: 3+, 5+, Baby & Toddler