Blue Banyan Books

Sandy, Tosh And The Moo Cow


Tosh loves moo cows and Sandy loves adventure. So when Tosh awakes to the sound of loud moos but there are no cows in sight, what’s a big sister to do? Why go on an early morning adventure, of course!

Up the road and down the road they go, searching high and seeking low. There are so many things to see, so many things to discover … maybe even a brown moo cow.

Sandy, Tosh and the Moo Cow is a delightful story that turns an ordinary walk in the neighbourhood into an adventure. Sandy and Tosh encounter birds, flowers lizards and more in their walk that offers up much more than they expected.

Author: Paula-Anne Porter Jones
Publisher: Blue Banyan Books
Price: $15.99 – Buy Now
Age: 3+, 5+, 7+, Baby & Toddler